At Krug's Northwoods Game Birds, we hand-pick our breeding stock each season to assure the quality of our chicks. We comply to Natural Poultry Improvement Plan practices to maintain the health of our flock. We also voluntarily follow avian influenza testing every three months. Despite the rigorous standards on our farm, we can not guarantee the health of our birds in your care. Please consider the NPIP guidelines at your facility.

We take pride in the quality of our birds and want you to succeed. Our family will help you get off on the right track with your new chicks with any information you may need. We also raise bothseveral varieties of pheasants available as fall flyers.

Important Pricing Information

The total quantity of all chicks taken during the season determines your price. Prices do not include shipping charges. All prices are subject to change without notice based upon increased feed costs, etc. Wisconsin sales are subject to a 5.5% sales tax.

DEPOSIT: Only orders with deposits will be guaranteed. This deposit will be credited to your final shipment.

PRE-PAYMENT FOR SHIPPED BIRDS: Payment for all birds to be shipped, including shipping costs, must be made in advance.

CANCELLATION: To cancel or change your order, please notify us 4 weeks in advance.

LIVE DELIVERY GUARANTEE: All day-old orders include 5% extra chicks to cover possible shipping losses.

FARM PICK-UP: All day-old chicks may be picked up on our farm. Arrangements must be made in advance.

MORE INFORMATION: Call (715) 785-7836 or (715) 360-6313.

The following prices are valid for the 2020 brooding season.

Day-Old Chicks

Ringneck Pheasants:

Pheasant chick at Krug's
The most popular of all our gamebirds, the Chinese ringneck is a versatile species. These resilient birds easily adapt to their natural environment and are excellent for hunting.
Straight Run Quantity Price
50 $2.15
  55-124 $1.90
  125-300 $1.55
  301-524 $1.45
525-1,050 $1.33
1,051+ $1.15  

Sexed Pheasant Chick Special:

  Cocks +$0.85 add to straight run price
  Hens 125-399 $0.25 each
  Hens 400+ $0.20 each
Sexed chicks are based on availability. Guaranteed 90%+ accuracy. Minimum of 120 chicks on all sexed hens orders.

Melanistic Mutant Pheasant:

Melanistic mutants, aka black pheasants, are large pheasants featuring iridescent, greenish-black feathers. Noted for their attractive appearance and excellent ability to survive and reproduce in the wild.
Straight Run Quantity Price
50 $2.20
  55-124 $1.95
  125-300 $1.60
  301-524 $1.50
525-1,050 $1.38
1,050+ $1.25

Pheasant Eggs

Pheasant egg at Krug's
Call for pricing on large orders. One case is 360 eggs.

Started 7-Week Old Chicks

Ringneck Pheasants:
Straight Run: $5.80
Hens: $5.40
Roosters: $7.10

Fall Flyers - Pheasants & Chuckars

Available in mid-August view pricing

Spent Breeder Hens

Wings clipped - Available April 15 $4.50
Flight ready - Available in July only $5.50